Regular tickets (sale on board)

Green: Prices for single tickets
Red: Prices for return tickets
(example: Passau-Waldkirchen 8 € single, 15 € return)

Regular tickets are sold by the conductor on board. Only cash payment is possible here. Ilztalbahn tickets cannot be purchased at German (DB) ticket counters or ticket machines!

50% discount for children (6-14 years), school students and passengers with disabilities. Children under age 6 travel for free.

Return tickets for families, including two adults and their children (up to age 17):
Passau-Freyung 35 €
Passau-Waldkirchen 28 €

Dogs / Bicycles: 2 € per day.

Czech tickets

The following Czech tickets are valid on the Ilztalbahn and all connecting bus lines shown here:

Vltava-Dunaj Tiket+
Vltava-Dunaj Tiket
Skupinová víkendová jízdenka

They can only be purchased at ČD (Czech Railways) ticket counters and on Czech trains.

Other tickets


This ticket is valid for a return trip (within 4 days) between Germany and Czechia on the Ilztalbahn and the connecting rail and bus lines shown here. It can be bought only on the Ilztalbahn train.

Adult: 27 €
Family: 44 €
Bikes and dogs are included.


This is a day ticket for public transportation in the districts of Freyung-Grafenau and Regen for 8 € per adult. On the Ilztalbahn it is valid only between Freyung and Röhrnbach. More information


Hotel guests in several muncipialities (e.g. Waldkirchen, Neuschönau and Mauth; not in Freyung) recieve a free ticket called “Guti”. It is valid in the “Bayerwald-Ticket” tariff area for the duration of their stay, on the Ilztalbahn only between Freyung and Röhrnbach. More information


The Bayern-Ticket, a day ticket for local trains in Bavaria, is valid between Freyung and Röhrnbach. A connecting ticket to or from Passau can be purchased on the train (Passau – Röhrnbach 7 €).